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27+ Good morning images couple and couple goals

This page gives you different good morning images with couple. Actually, these images are useful for couples which are in deep love. Here couple means not only the younger generation but it also means two persons with any age having love.

For expressing our thoughts, good morning images with couple showing love is the best option. It says that a thousand words can be replaced by only one image and this thing we applied here. You can find images which are much better to express than the words.

The person who is receiving these images will definitely feel some special. Where the word couple present, there always other words such as romantic, kiss present which are used as supplementary words. High quality (or high definition with 1080P) images are always good to see. Our page has such HQ images.

Sometimes people use some quotes with good morning. We have different types of good morning images with quotes in Hindi. Quotes are also in Marathi or Hindi. These images are free to use and download.

Couple meaning in love: 

well.. answer to this question is different according to different persons. Some people can say two lovers can be called as a couple. Some can say two persons who are staying together can be called as a couple. But according to myself couple meaning in love can be undefinable. Love is very cute concept as butterfly. If you hold butterfly tightly then it will die. If you hold butterfly lightly then it will fly. You have to take care of butterfly while you are holding.

What is love:

It is a type of emotional and mental state which is having tremendous power of holding living things together. Why I used “living things” in previous statement? Does it have any special meaning?

The answer is, “yes” According to me, love is the thing which can form between any two living things whether they are humans or other than humans. Do you have a pet in your home? If your answer is yes then you better know what I want to tell here.

I am having my lovely dog and cat in my home and they are more than animals. Here “more than” means we are treating them as our family members not animals. When i am going outside the home, my dog come every time till i am passing gate.

(Original post: Good morning images couple)

I can easily see love in his eyes as he is asking me, “Why are you going outside? Please, do come soon. I am waiting” Yes it is also a form of love.

So what I want to tell here is love is the form of emotions which hold two things together. Love is a very famous topic worldwide. Many writers,philosophers wrote about this one word in different way. Lot of poets made poetry on love which are very famous.

In actual love has different meanings according to different people having different mindset. A father is taking care of her child is “love”. A husband is everything for her wife is “love”. A dog waiting for a person coming from office to home is “love”. The bike which I bought with my salary is also my “love”.

Some days before I visited “Ooty” in India. I like that place so much that i fall in “love” with that place. What a beauty, nature gave this place. It is the queen of south india. All over their i saw mountains which are full of green trees. It is also known as Udagamandalam and situated in tamilnadu of India. It is very famous for couples and for honeymoon. Weather is always cool and pleasant their. So i can say, this also one form of “love”.

Meaning of love: (Original post: Good morning images couple)

Meaning of love according to other people is below: (This is according to what i read)

  • It is a type of attraction which holds two things together.
  • It is an extreme feeling of attachment which can’t be expressed.
  • Taking care of one another.
  • Helping someone for no reason.
  • Giving respect to one another.
  • A happiness with giving priority to one another.

There are different meanings of love according to different people. It differs from person to person. What you can say love between family members? Yes it is also a subject of study.

Some say it is biologically programmed and i am also thinking the same. There is always debate happens with different views of people about what is the real meaning of love? But I think every thought behind love is right at their own place and instant. We don’t have any rights to force someone to think in our own way.

Every person is grown up with different surrounding and different types of education and people. According to these experiences, his mind learnt to love. So two persons may not have the same opinion about love. But they are right on their places according to me.

Andes Flight (plane) Disaster in 1972: (Power of unconscious love)

Somewhere I read that, love is something that drives us and keep us alive. Have you ever read survival story of 16 people in Uruguayan Flight 571, which crashed in the Andes in 1972? If your answer is “no”, then do find book for this and read the story.

This flight is also called Miracle of the Andes or spanish El Milagro de los Andes. It’s about 16 brave survivors among 45 who came out of the death after struggling for 70 days. The person with weak heart, I suggest please don’t read. This is one of the statements from the Andes survivors: “The only reason why we are here alive today is because we had the goal of returning home. Our loved ones gave us life. They made a sacrifice for others.”

Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571, which carrying 45 members, was heading from Uruguay to chile. The incident happened because of inexperienced co pilot who took wrong turn in andes mountain. The mountain was full of ice and everywhere there was white surrounding.

Uruguay plane disaster 1972: (Original post: Good morning images couple)

Government also tried to find them. After some days the rescue team was forced to end the search. The crashed plane color was white. It was very difficult at that time to find white plane in snow-covered mountain. Also the bad environment led others to believe that there were no survivors of missing plane.

Initially 12 members from 45 were killed leaving number of survivors 33. Almost all members who survived are injured. The location was approximately at an altitude of 3500 meter. The climate was freezing there. Snow mountains are very different than mountains with trees and animals. Humans can find source to eat and survive in mountain having trees and normal environment. But how to survive in such a place where there is white surrounding everywhere? No trees at all. No shelter at all. The plane was wrecked. Survivors from crash formed a community and shared task. It was a very small place. No one is having warm clothes, no water. They made rotating sleep positions so everyone will get a chance at a comfortable place in wrecked plane. For drinking water, they have to melt snow.

They were having some chocolate, biscuits, candy bars and wine but in some days this food source were become empty. Eduardo Strauch from survivors once stated that they also tried to eat leather shoes and belt. But it was not possible to get protein from these sources.

(Original post: Good morning images couple)

Later on survivors decided to eat corpses which means a dead body. Generally it is having name as cannibalism. It was roberto canessa who suggested other survivors about cannibalism. He was 19 years old medical student. According to canessa, in such type of conditions it’s not how you survive but why you survive? He wants to  meet his mother and this was driving force for him. It is also the power of love. After rescue, it took 3 months to come in normal life for canessa.

Motivation behind survival of Andes disaster:

In the next few days, again 6 members died and remained 27. On 29 October, again an avalanche came which causes eight more deaths. Continuously they were surveying area for the escape route.

On 12 December, only 16 members from 45 were alive. 3 out of 16 decided to walk and find rescuing way. Among the three, one later came to wreckage after some days. Two men Nando (fernando) parrado and Roberto canessa continued their journey for next approximately 8 days. They, having a lack of knowledge about mountaineering, climbed from 3570 meters to 4670 metre in their way.

They trekked about 61 kilometers seeking help. After heartbreaking trek, they finally reached across three herdsmen in the village of Los Maitenes, Chile. It was 20th December. Herdsmen were on the other side of the river. They communicated with writing notes on paper which they wrapped around rock and threw across river.

The parrado and canessa’s first note was,” I come from a plane that fell in the mountains.” Later On Chileans gave them food and then rode for ten hours to alert authorities. On 22 December, two helicopters were sent to the place where the plane crashed. This story of survival of 16 passengers for 72 days in the mountains drew international attention.

How these 16 people managed to survive continuously for 72 days? What was the driving force behind the? This is the main part of study. Later most of the survivors explained their motive behind being survived. Love, which is the main key behind any relationship, forced them to survive in such a horrible condition.

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